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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Inspire me.

Drawing inspiration from Phua's blog
i have concluded that i want my blog to go ahead in a direction
where my posts, stimulate readers' minds
and not just some daily ranting
finding joy and satisfaction in being thought provoked and mind boggled
i find that i should try to instill this into all my readers
lucky you if you have stumbled on this "treasure"
fret not, if you have been daily energized by my quote of the day
that will still go on

The Influence-R//

from reading "freakonomics"
i've found the parenting topics very intriguing
how many of us have been directly influence by our parents
in a negative manner that is
levitt's take on how much effect a parent has on a child is limited
as it has already been decided by the parents' education and lifestyle
but on my take on it, i believe that the parents act like the mould
while the child is the dough
however, true enough, as levitt showed
the peers are a stronger mould to a child
how many of us turn racist over night?
laugh over racist jokes?
poking fun at every "foreign worker" in our midst?
It is true, that it is the environment that grow up/are in
that really makes who with are
the friends we hang out with are who we are
thus we find security in them
It's easy to see the difference between a guy in an all-guys school
and in a mix school
and that is just the many of such examples
remember how you made your group of friends?
common interest?
just happened?
friends are really the moulding factor in your life
unknowingly, they hold your destiny and future
not really yourself
in this life and society we live in
it's the connections really to how we get around this unfair world
all this talk about meritocracy is not entirely sweet
imagine guy A and guy B, equal qualities and performance
but guy A gets the job just cause he is acquainted to the employer
is this meritocracy?
then again, it is quite evident in today Singapore
the Malay - Chinese gap
at this moment, i must take a stand that i'm not racist
i've been largely exposed to both races
i grew up in a community of malays, spoke malay
dress like em, not entirely but you get the drift
this gap is similar to what the americans see as the white-black gap
or the white - afro american gap
how discriminated some malays are in today Singapore
how they are not as likely to succeed as the chinese
why is this happening?
the acts of a few foolish malays that jeopardizes the rest of its community
this shows what economists and philosophisers call the chain reaction
also known as the ripple effect or the butterfly effect
however insignificant you might seem
you play a part in a bigger picture
every action you make, causes a ripple/butterfly effect
thus i leave you with three questions to ponder upon :

1) Is your destiny in safe hands?
2) Is meritocracy, really meritocracy?
3) Do you think you are Insignificant?

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