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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


so it seems 4 years has gone by so quickly.
so it seems it was only ytd that i was still in that old classroom at kallang bahru
that round me, playing a fool in class
all these memories dont seem distant
and now its the Big Os.
leaving this school by the end of this year
how am i going to leave it.
gotta do well for Os to go JC
that my parents want me to go.
sometimes i think, can i reallly survive there
is that where i want to go
i feel that sometimes poly life is more suitable for me
i really don't know
i should by now, but guess what.
i dont.
i thought i had. now i dont.
gotta start planning and studying
rugby has been tiring, way tiring
ending late, reaching home even later
another 3 more months.
tears of joy.
and then its the books till the Os
i really have no confidence to do well
i really dunno where to head to.
SAJC? sounds nice.
die there? sounds ok.
well yea. we'll see.
i guess i'll be aiming and working for SAJC
hope by God's grace i'll get there and survive there.

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