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Thursday, September 21, 2006


found a new lease of life,
the old comes to haunt.
shed my old self,
yet it resurrects.
try as i may,
i cant contain.
only through a supernatural power,
that i will reign.
try as i may,
in my own flesh,
i wont suceed.
so through it all.
please keep me strong.

today is twinkle's birthday,
can see she was super happy.
and ya everyone was enjoying themselves.
andre seem to be enjoying himself too!
great to see that bro!
exams round the corner.
gotta study and gotta study hard.
thats all.

a gap is what that is between us now.
and i thought it was alright all along.
i guess it was me placing the pieces of the puzzle all along
so why am i feeling this way right now.
i never wanted this to happen.
i guess i didnt know what i was doing.
i really wanna talk again,
and normal friends we'll be.
not like this with such few words.
i feel so faithless in my heart.
faithless in the friendship.
change this in me.
i wanna be the same old us.

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