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Sunday, July 09, 2006

An End to Chapter 1 ;
But a New Beginning to Chapter 2!

just came back from cell and service.
had the multiplying today.
I'm in N353!
With Carol.
had real fun being in E412.
we were united i suppose.
a bunch of youths.
but we're moving from glory to glory.
so yupp.
gonna be a long post today guys,
so bear with me.
the next post will be pics!
it seemed like only yest that we cut our E412 cake.
though we knew we were gonna multiply soon.
we were still loving to each other.
being there for each other.
ya we had our probs.
but hey!
we had common things still.
God and Loving People.
I must say we are GOOD at giving presents.
I stumbled alot in E412.
but i got back every single time.
Gonna miss Val though.
and some others.
Think I'm gonna have 3 posts today.
the 3rd will be an appreciation one.
well I enjoyed my time at E412.
I'll always remember E412.

Today's msg at Svc was Great.
I'll leave you all with this,
then off to my photos post!

"It is the Height of Deception and Arrogance to Believe that we Determine the Outcome of our Lives - While in Truth, They are Determined by Those to Whom We Grant Access."

Ponder upon that people!.

footprints at 01:17

Rico Ong.
Child Of God

Jeremy Tan
Daryl Chia
Benjamin Chew
Lee Peng
Joshua Khoo
Melissa Lim
Chua Hui Ming
Jerome Ong
Brandon Yow
Faris Daniel
Calvin Phua
Andre Chia
Genevieve Ho
Rachel Lee
Jacinta Ng
Donavan Tan
Clarisa Leong
Vanessa Fong
Ng Gek Shan
Maple Tan
Marcus Sia
Alex Tan
Debbie Goh
Jeremy Ho
Roy Teo
Superhero Tay
Jonathan Lee
Colleen Huang
Henry Poh