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Sunday, June 11, 2006


Gonna blog bout friendship today.
had my fair share of friendship troubles.
and i guess.
I'm really someone who treasures friendships alot.
But at times i'm rash ; emotional.
and say stupid things.
and as a result,
losing some friends which were really dear to me.
I usually get disappointed in myself
when i see friends getting hurt cause of me.
treasure your friendship, people,
you never know when its gonna go.
you really dunno when.
in a blink of an eye,
that person may have to emigrate,
or meet with an accident.
when was the last time you told that friend that you love and appreciate her/him.
been quite a while?
i think you should ring her/him up to tell her that.
never take too long to tell someone you love them.
or you may never have a chance to anymore.

So people,
if you havent been a good friend.
its time you change.
appreciate the friends you have.
if ever u have a chance,
would that person be there singing "THATS WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR" with you?
smiling at you.
promising you everything of the lyrics.
friends mould who we become.
not ourselves.
call up an old friend.
ask him/her out.
catch up.
you wont regret it.

ok rico wont say anymore.
he's kinda moody at the moment.
take care people.
Put God first in your life,
and everything else will fall into place.

God Bless!

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